The spirit

Bringing materials to life

(glass, stoneware, earthenware, Briare enamels, Italian smalts, natural materials… – and sometimes black markers). Combining them and seeing them brought to life under my pliers and dexterous fingers. Giving free rein to my crazy creativity.

Following the process and letting it guide me. Then, finding out on which paths it took me. THIS is what I love. It is both fascinating and magnetic !

For me, there isn’t ONE interpretation but …


About me

Jill of all trades, curious, tester, treasure hunter, creator of emotions you can take with you and put up everywhere: I gladly accept all these titles !

I was introduced to the world of art and crafts when I was a child, in elementary school.
First, there was basketry and pottery, followed by the posthumous encounter with Impressionists, as well as with the one who masters texture and color like no other (failing to master his own mood!) , none other than…

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