About me

Jill of all trades, curious, tester, treasure hunter, creator of emotions you can take with you and put up everywhere: I gladly accept all these titles !

I was introduced to the world of art and crafts when I was a child, in elementary school.

First, there was basketry and pottery, followed by the posthumous encounter with Impressionists, as well as with the one who masters texture and color like no other (failing to master his own mood!), none other than Vincent Van Gogh.

As I grew up, from thread to needle, from wicker twig to modeling clay, from oil pastel to oil painting, from one work of art to another, through literature and writing, I finally set my sights on the art of breaking, cutting, trimming, gluing, harvesting, magnifying, imagining and composing. The art of mosaic simply grabbed me (or should I say called me?!)

Self-taught since 2012, it was in 2018, however, that I decided to devote myself to it wholeheartedly. I took part in various internships between Marseille, Tours and La Rochelle, benefiting from the teachings of Mosaic Masters – Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (craftsmen who received the unique French award recognizing their great know-how in a specific field) – including graduates from the prestigious Mosaic School of Friuli in Spilimbergo, Italy, as well as other internationally renowned mosaicists.

Equally passionate about travel and this colorful, tessellated universe, I went to Venice, Murano and Ravenna in Italy to attend exhibitions and biennials dedicated to this art.

Besides working on my creations, I keep training myself in order to improve my craft and master the different techniques.
Sharing my work, my passion, and the creations stemming from my imagination is a real pleasure.

So, feel free to leave your comments on Instagram, Facebook, or by clicking here.

Sylvia for Placardez-moi Mosaïque