The spirit

Bringing materials to life (glass, stoneware, earthenware, Briare enamels, Italian smalts, natural materials… – and sometimes black markers). Combining them and seeing them brought to life under my pliers and dexterous fingers. Giving free rein to my crazy creativity. Following the process and letting it guide me.

Then, finding out on which paths it took me. THIS is what I love. It is both fascinating and magnetic !

For me, there isn’t ONE interpretation but MANY. Therefore, everyone can make my productions their own (I’m not talking about plagiarism, eh! :-D).

Let them whisper a singular story into your ear (not the same as Van Gogh’s!). One that echoes your universe.

My creations are unique and will be honored to beautify your home.
These works are to be displayed (« Placarder » in French!) wherever you want for a vibrant, visual, poetic, kinesthetic and/or spiritual experience !

Ready for a sensory journey ?